Infinite Outsource Services

Continuity In Service Excellence

It is of great delight and pride to introduce our company Infinite Outsource Services a well-known name in the Hygiene and Pest Control industry with the hopes of establishing a relationship with you and your organization. We are a fully service dedicated company with the aim of rendering the best quality services to our clients.

Our Services

Our pest control program provides customers with the latest products and techniques. To ensure pest-free premises, we eliminate the spread of harmful bacteria.

These services include Sanitary waste removal as well as the replenishing of consumables in all our dispensers. As we maintain our flexibility, all our services and service intervals can be structured around our customers needs.

Depending on the severity of the
washroom, a specific treatment frequency can be implemented to suit your requirements. Washroom facilities in airports, shopping malls, restaurants, and other high traffic sites may require more frequent servicing.

Our Mission

We believe in an industry where service is pertinent to the success of your company. Your partners which include your service providers should be made your top priority and in doing so continuously strive to bring quality service all year round.

" I have been delighted to work with this IOS team over the years as they portray such a professional way of working in the hygiene business and show their commitment to keep us happy on a regular basis"

John Henry

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