Our equipment is installed, maintained and serviced by trained and qualified members. We offer Rental contracts, please note that all outdated equipment may be upgraded if required over time. Our service staff is well trained and professional in all workplaces. We are passionate about making you our number 1 priority.

Pest Control Service

Our pest control program provides customers with the latest products and techniques. To ensure pest-free premises, we eliminate the spread of harmful bacteria. We emphasize using eco-friendly pesticides to ensure our customers are protected against toxic contamination. The Focus is to reduce cost and increase productivity, and area to which we fully subscribe and prepared to invest in.

We Are HACCP Appoved. 

Our service includes:
  • Inspection
  • Identification
  • Establishment of Threshold Levels
  • Implementing Control Levels
  • Ongoing Evaluation of It's Efficiency

Hygiene Services

In addition to Selling/Renting the best washroom dispensers available, we pride ourselves on our after sales services. These Sanitation services include Sanitary waste removal as well as the replenishing of consumables in all our dispensers. As we maintain our flexibility, all our services and service intervals can be structured around our customers needs.

Chemcial Deep Cleaning Service

Why Keep Your Space Clean?

Clean Restrooms reflect positivity on your employees, customers & visitors. Our specialized Chemcial Deep Cleaning service assists with the elimination of bacteria, germs, and viruses. The team is trained to specifically target stubborn deposits or stains in the correct manner using colour coded equipment per area. The washroom services is beneficial and required over and above daily cleaning to ensure the hard to reach area are treated accordingly.

Depending on the severity of the washroom, a specific treatment frequency can be implemented to suit your requirements. Washroom facilities in airports, shopping malls, restaurants, and other high traffic sites may require more frequent servicing.

All applications are HACCP compliant.